The Best Lightning Cables For The ‘Apple Of Your Eye’

If it’s for an Apple, it’s got to be special.

  • April 17, 2018

The view at Silicon Valley, California is amazing. There are high-rises, billboards, expensive cars and scores of highly qualified men and women who striding up and down the streets, in pursuit of their livelihood. They are the masses and exist almost anywhere on this planet. Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills, California, a cool dude basks in the spring sun on the terrace of his ‘palace.’ He is whom the masses worship and crib. In the yesteryears, the revered New York yuppies had probably been investing their exuberance into ‘what could earn them a comfortable position in the society.’ Cool dude, probably was not much-privileged back then – shedding blood, sweat and tears.

It is fascinating how the ‘outcasts’ eventually succeed in carving out a niche for themselves. No, I do not mock the Big Apple. I simply adore ‘Apple’!


An unopened, untampered unusual box of iPhone, iPod or iPad will undoubtedly contain a Lightning Cable at the time of purchase. Until it gets lost, stolen, destroyed or employed elsewhere, you will be using it to charge and sync your Apps.

Nonetheless, there is a rule in Economics which says, “Supply must be equal to the demand.” Considering that Lightning Cables are manufactured by numerous others, apart from Apple Inc. too. It may be presumed that a good many iPod, iPhone and iPad owners fail to hold on to the original piece for a lifetime.

Many of the third-party Lightning Cables available are pure junk. The ones that are MFi- Certified (Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad), are not. However, that does not guarantee that their quality is top-notch. MFi certification simply means that Apple recognizes them and they are compatible with the company’s mobile devices.

So what separates the best from the rest?

A cable is not designated for many different tasks. Nonetheless, one that is durable will efficiently perform those meant for it – for a long time.

The following have made it through stringent tests, to figure in our list of the ten best lightning cables around:


Device Name Compatible with Features Check it out
Amazon Basics Apple Certified Lightning To USB Cable All Lightning-enabled Apple devices
  • MFi-Certified
  • High quality
  • Very popular
Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable All Lightning-enabled Apple devices
  • MFi-Certified
  • Extra tough, with 18 month warranty
  • Pouch included
RAVPower 4-Pack All Lightning-enabled Apple devices
  • MFi-Certified
  • TPE-coated
  • Aluminium foil shielding
Swiftrans Nylon- Braided All Lightning-enabled Apple devices
  • MFi-Certified
  • Embedded Apple authorization chip to ensure 100% compatibility
Incipio Lightning To USB Cable All Lightning-enabled Apple devices
  • MFi-Certified
  • Available in various colors
  • Zero Defect Guarantee
Aukey Nylon- Braided Lightning To USB Cable All Lightning-enabled Apple devices
  • MFi-Certified
  • Extra thick
  • 24-months warranty
MOS Spring Lightning Cable All Lightning-enabled Apple devices
  • MFi-Certified
  • Exoskeleton design for extra protection
  • Lifetime guarantee
Fuse Chicken TITAN LOOP Key Chain Cable All Lightning-enabled Apple devices
  • MFi-Certified
  • The world’s toughest key chain cable
Nonda ZUS Super Duty Lightning Cable All Lightning-enabled Apple devices
  • MFi-Certified
  • Military grade Kevlar fiber enhanced
  • Lifetime warranty
1byone Lightning To USB Cable All Lightning-enabled Apple devices
  • MFi-Certified
  • Amazon bestseller
  • Compact and light-weight
1. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning To USB Cable

Product at a glance:

  1. MFi-Certified
  2. Works with almost all cases
  3. Available in lengths of 4 in, 3 ft, 6 ft & 10 ft
  4. A #1 Best Seller on Amazon

The Pros

  • Dual-layer protection
  • Resistant to extreme mishandling
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Backwards compatible with up to 5th generation iDevices

The Cons

  • Not many colors to choose from
  • Maximum length available – 6 feet

Just like Google and God, Amazon seems to be everywhere these days. Moreover, this South American river namesake, which started out as an online bookstore, is doing an excellent job indeed; from e-commerce to cloud computing, entertainment, and even Lightning Cables!

Considering that this cable is from the stable of none other than Amazon, your trust glands would recognize it pretty easily.

While its compact connector head fits easily into almost every case, an additional layer of protection on both the ends reduces fraying and improves its durability. The product is available in black and white only, in lengths of 4 inches, 3 feet and 6 feet, and can withstand obnoxious torture and in case it succumbs, you have the compensation of its 1-year limited warranty. (Trust glands swelling!!)


Its splendid quality is backed by the trust of Amazon. Unless you are looking for a longer, more colorful cable, this one perfectly fits the bill.


2. Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable

Product at a glance:

  1. MFi-Certified
  2. Adjustable pouch included
  3. Available in 1 ft, 3 ft and 6 ft

The Pros

  • The toughest Lightning Cable around
  • Lasts 6X longer than ordinary cables
  • Fast charging
  • 18-month warranty
  • Available in unique colors and long lengths

The Cons

  • Occasional incompatibility issues reported

Some of the most premium cars are equipped with multiple airbags, anti-lock braking system and a host of other security features.

“Excuse me! Were we not discussing Lightning Cables?”

Of course, we have not digressed! Such security features highlighted prevent or minimize the catastrophe that can occur when a car crashes at 200 mph – while a responsible citizen is expected to drive at 50 mph.

Still seems like a puzzle?

The Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable is indeed strong. It is one of the strongest cables out there with over 6000 bend lifespan. It is as long-lived as a tortoise and its shell. Besides the strength, it is made of a super tough Kevlar core and a double-braided nylon exterior.

So, does a cable, which is meant for simply charging and syncing, need to be that strong?

If a car needs to be that secure, then yes! You may never tell what you might need to use it for someday. We have seen secret agents escaping from their confinement using cable-car inspiration!

However, even if theatrics is not your cup of tea, the Anker PowerLine+ can still impress you. It is available in red, white, gray and golden colors. This cable which comes with an adjustable pouch; for easy transportation also delivers faster charge than a standard Apple Lightning Cable.

Keep your eyes on the ‘+.’


Extra durability in exchange for some extra cash – good deal!


3. RAVPower 4-Pack

Product at a glance:

  1. Built with environment-friendly TPE material
  2. Heat-resistant
  3. Fits both big and small cutouts
  4. 4 Pack Combo
  5. Mfi-certified

The Pros

  • A high-scorer on both durability and affordability
  • Designed like the original Apple cable, it serves as a good backup

The Cons

  • Some users have reported incompatibility with iPhone
  • Lack of options, in terms of length

Whereas on one hand, we have Amazon and Google who believe in expanding their repertoire, on the other side, we have Johnny Walker; which is content with only making heavenly scotch.

Similarly, RAVPower which makes 3 feet Lightning Cables designs them well. The product has an aluminum foil shielding under a TPE-coated outer jacket, these cables, bent-tested up to 5,000 times, can remain faithful to your IP, for quite some time.


The pack of 4 indeed makes it a good value for money.


4. Swiftrans Nylon- Braided

Product at a glance:

  1. MFi-Certified
  2. Sleek look, strong build
  3. Available in 3 ft and 5 ft

The Pros

  • Authorized by Apple itself
  • Extended warranty period of 18 months

The Cons

  • Not many colors and lengths to choose from
  • The 3 ft variant is sometimes difficult to procure

Picture this: Bright, sunny day.

John: “Showers tonight.”

Joe: “*************”

John: “CNN Weather report.”

Joe: “I see!”

Swiftrans may not be as big a brand as Apple, so skeptics may object.

Objection overruled! Swiftrans Lightning Cables are equipped with an authorization chip and a unique verified serial number. Apple uses it to convey, “this guy is my brother from another mother.”

Add to that, an 18-month replacement warranty. Bro-science!


Thumbs up for its durability, reliability, and performance. Wise choice.


5. Incipio Lightning To USB Cable

Product at a glance:

  1. MFi-Certified
  2. Available in 3 feet & 6 feet
  3. Exciting colors that complement the device

The Pros

  • Fast charging, high quality
  • Zero Defect Guarantee
  • Soft touch, which keeps it untangled at all times

The Cons

  • Syncing problems, after prolonged use, have been occasionally reported

This cable just vanishes off the shelves of Amazon. For one, few cable brands come in as many and as exciting colors as this does. Two, it comes with a Zero Defect Guarantee from the manufacturer. It is bold and beautiful.


Impressive combination of looks, durability and price.



Product at a glance:

  1. MFi-Certified
  2. Sturdy build
  3. Available in 3.3 ft, 3.95 ft & 6.6 ft

The Pros

  • Fast charging and syncing
  • Very durable
  • 24-month warranty

The Cons

  • Mostly available in packs of 3 or 5

Along the lines of RAV, Aukey too doesn’t believe much in diversity. It is available only in 4 feet. There are more options when it comes to colors though – with silver, gold, black and white to choose from. The cables are extra thick, which means faster charging and syncing.

A super-strong aluminum shielding (that fuels the confidence of its 24-month warranty) keeps it going till eternity.

Aukey did performed exceptionally well in our experiments, barring one – we tried to simulate Bob Marley’s dreadlocks with it!


At half the price of the original Apple Lightning cable, Aukey is a great buy.The company also offers excellent after sales service.


7. MOS Spring Lightning Cable

Product at a glance:

  1. MFi-Certified
  2. Exoskeleton design for extra protection
  3. Most options, in terms of length -available in 1 ft, 3 ft, 6 ft, 10 ft & 15 ft

The Pros

  • Does not lose shape even after prolonged use
  • Lifetime warranty

The Cons

  • Pricey!

Why this product is called a ‘spring cable’ is because it is equipped with springs at both the ends which do a great job in preventing fraying. An extra level of protection is provided by its ‘Exoskeleton design’ which ensures that the cable does not get tangled and remains in shape.

I wish my hair had some similar kind of mechanism!

Moreover, just like Apple, MOS begs to differ by offering a lifetime guarantee on each product. Rest assured that ‘lifetime’ here does not refer to 6 months.

It will be there through thick and thin for your Apps till death do them part!


It is a tough cable that lasts a lifetime and gets replaced if it does not. Win-win situation is here exemplified!

8. Fuse Chicken TITAN LOOP Key Chain Cable

Product at a glance:

  1. MFi-Certified
  2. A handy travel cable, that is virtually indestructible
  3. Can be looped in half and attached to a keychain, belt loop or backpack.

The Pros

  • Fashion and work accessory, in one
  • Very tough – made of flexible high-strength steel (industrial grade)
  • Lifetime warranty

The Cons

  • Meant for specific use – does not replace a standard cable

This one is completely different from all others on the list. It is meant for the fashionistas! Use it as a keychain, hooked around your belt, or whichever way it seems cool.

I would probably swirl it around my right index finger. That might not make me look cool anyway, but I somehow find this thing irresistible. And when I have the toughest key chain cable in the world to play with, do I need to worry at all?

When I would be done, I would plug an end of this 9-inch cable to my iPhone, the other end to my PC, open my blog page and type:



One in its class!


9. Nonda ZUS Super Duty Lightning Cable

Product at a glance:

  1. MFi-certified
  2. Military grade Kevlar fiber enhanced
  3. Offers slim fit in cramped spaces, with a 90-degree USB plug

The Pros

  • Extremely durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lasts 10X longer than ordinary cables

The Cons

  • Available only in black

If nothing but the numbers can have your faith, then here it is: the Nonda ZUS Super Duty Lightning Cable. It has been bent-tested up to 15188 times! Now that speaks volumes about its might.

The muscular Kevlar fiber has a nylon-braided finishing, which keeps the 4 feet cable untangled and unscathed even if hell breaks loose!

The company complements its unmatched durability with a lifetime warranty, illustrating why German engineering deserves every bit of reputation it has.


Aesthetically designed and built to last – a ‘Super Duty’ cable indeed!


10. 1byone Lightning To USB Cable

Product at a glance:

  1. MFi-Certified
  2. Looks just like the original Apple Lightning Cable

The Pros

  • Inexpensive
  • Fast charging and syncing

The Cons

  • Not the most durable

Finally, here comes the most popular choice. A #1 Best Seller on, the 1byoneLightning To USB Cable is a look-alike of the original Apple Lightning Cable at half its price. For those who want the feel of the original, without spending a fortune, it cannot get better.

Though not the strongest fellow around, the roughly 3 feet long 1byone can take a few blows and still save its black, green, pink or white skin.


Great return on investment!


Although one would probably prefer to use original accessories for any product, in some cases, as evident above, there is good sense in going for a third-party accessory.

There is possibly no single brand that would stand as the best lightning cable, however, we have shortlisted some of the very best, that you can get your hands on. Each product in the list has something unique to offer, and whatever your specific requirements are, hopefully, you will be able to find your match.