8 Best Portable Chargers That Will Never Die on You

These are the best portable chargers of 2017 selected by our in-house industry experts.

  • March 03, 2017

While the wait is almost over for the next big thing in the field of portable charging – inductive wireless charging – there is still a couple more years to go before we can permanently stop worrying about the levels of juice in our portable devices like smartphones and laptops. Soon, we would be charging our electronic devices wirelessly. However, until then, we have to depend on portable chargers – those lifesaving external power banks that we nowadays depend on more than our better halves. Since there are hundreds of manufacturers, thousands of models, and millions of reviews in the online world, it becomes too difficult for a person to come to a conclusion as to which one is the best for him/her. To put an end to our readers’ dilemma, we have created this brief yet comprehensive list of the top eight portable chargers in the world right now. Choosing one of these will ensure that your phone or any other electronic device never dies and you are always connected in this always-online world.

List of the Eight Best Portable Chargers

Without further ado and before going into the nitty-gritty, here are our picks of the top portable chargers (updated on 17 February 2017) in no specific order:

Device Name Weight

Battery Capacity

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Jackery Bolt

6 ounces

6000 mAh

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16 ounces

20000 mAh

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11 ounces

16750 mAh

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Anker PowerCore II

13.5 ounces

20000 mAh

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Jackery Titan S

15 ounces

20100 mAh

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myCharge AmpProng Plus

8 ounces

6000 mAh

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Mophie powerstation

5.6 ounces

6000 mAh

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20.5 ounces

30000 mAh

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What to Look for in a Portable Charger?

It is one of those situations when you know what you want, but the articulation becomes a tad difficult owing to the electrical parameters and the technobabble. These include impedance values, milliamp hour (mAh), stray power, heat dissipation, and all those things that make it look like you are buying a rocket ship. For a non-technical person, selecting and purchasing an appropriate power bank can be intimidating.

To make sure that you tick the right parameters off, here is a detailed list of the things you need to look for in a portable charger:

· Power Capacity – This is the obvious and the most important factor in virtually anything that works on direct current (DC) power. (Electrical engineers need not fret; we know it is important for systems that run on alternating current (AC), too.) Measured in milliamperes and denoted in milliamp hour (mAh), it is the portable charger’s holding capacity. Higher the capacity better the charging capability.

· Size – The next crucial thing to consider is the size. Ideally, one would want the charger to fit in in your pocket so that you can carry around during rush meetings or while you are out on holiday. It will be wiser to trade between the capacity and the size, as you will see further in this article that power banks with higher capacities are comparatively heavier and bigger.

· Cost – This is a no-brainer. You choose the charger which comes in or under your budget. There is no point in shelling out when the performance is mediocre. Portable chargers are not about how they look, but how they perform over an extended period.

· Discharge Quotient – This is the measure of how much power is discharged from the charger to your device. It is best to assume that you will get about 90% of the total juice when you transfer the power as the remaining 10% is often dissipated in the form of heat or stray electrons.

· Connector System – Most chargers support the latest interface and connection technologies like USB 3.0 (even USB 3.1 in some cases), Apple-exclusive lightning port, and micro USB. However, it would be better to ensure that the charger you go for is compatible with all your devices and has multiple connections (i.e. ability to charge multiple devices at the same time without compromising on the time or discharge quotient).

· Charging Time – This is the time taken for the power bank to charge a device completely (usually between 20 minutes to one hour).

· Recharging Time – This is the time taken for the power bank to recharge itself completely (usually between 5 to 16 hours). It majorly depends on the power capacity of the bank. (E.g.: A 6000 mAh charger would take considerably less time to recharge than a 20000mAh would)

· Warranty – This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and it is in the user’s best interest to go through this information and read what all is covered in it. (Most brands do not provide warranty for accidents). Anything above six months is exquisite.

How Do I Choose the Best Portable Charger?

The biggest and the most important factor to ponder upon before going through the reviews below is to know why you need the charger. Do you travel a lot and want backup power storage? Are you an entrepreneur who telecommutes and ends up draining your smartphone quickly? Or are you someone who wants power backup only for certain occasions like for a holiday trip with your family? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself before diving into the pool of hundreds of different models of portable batteries. Check out the detailed reviews below to get more idea about the featured portable chargers.

Just choose the best suitable type from the following, and then you can move ahead:

· Frequent traveler (daily use to charge several devices).

· Working professional type I (almost daily use but limited applications like a smartphone).

· Working professional type II (dedicated use for a smartphone).

· Occasional user.

These are the four main types of people who would want a portable charger in their backpack or pocket when they cannot find an external power supply. Analyze your requirements, and you are halfway to making a wise purchase.

Also note that for a frequent traveler, the charger should ideally have higher power capacity and low charging time. This will automatically increase the price and size. On the other hand, an occasional user can make do with an average yet efficient charger which will be a lot cheaper. As we all know, when buying an electronic device, it is often about trading one feature for another. Once we make sense of that, buying the perfect portable charger becomes a lot easier.

Complete Reviews of the Best Portable Chargers


1. Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh

Salient Features:

  1. 6000 mAh capacity with 2.4 A input
  2. Integrated cables for lightning port, micro USB, and standard USB devices
  3. Pass-through function – ability to charge itself while charging other devices
  4. LED flashlight

The Pros

  • Lightweight, and small in size
  • Can charge up to three devices simultaneously
  • Fast charging and high discharge quotient
  • Less charging time
  • No hassle of extra cables

The Cons

  • Cannot charge laptops
  • Cables are short in length
  • Slightly overpriced

Straight out of the glamorous world of electronics – the Silicon Valley – Jackery is one of the pioneers in the power industry, which focuses on consumer electronics. Recommended by the likes of Engadget and Gizmodo, Jackery has featured on our list because of its cutting-edge technology and design.

Powered by battery cells developed by Panasonic and circuit board manufactured by Texas Instruments, Jackery Bolt is marketed as the world’s most elegantly designed mobile charger. It can charge up to three devices at once and is compatible with devices that run Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and other modern operating systems. With a maximum output of 2.4 amperes, it will charge up your smartphone at a faster rate than conventional models by other brands.

Perhaps, its biggest feature that has lured so many people into making it their one and only choice is the inbuilt cables that can be connected to an Apple device (lightning connector) and an Android device (micro USB) at the same time. The third connection is through the standard USB port, which can be used to charge cameras, e-readers like Kindle, and tablets. This not only saves you from doing the impossible task of untangling long cables but also gives you an upper hand at charging different types of phones. Another feature that we found very useful is its ability to charge your devices and the charger at the same time (known as the pass-through feature). So, if you only have one external power supply and multiple devices to charge, connect the Bolt into the main supply and your devices to it and take a nap like you are the king of the world. Jackery was one of the first brands to implement this feature in its range.

It is directed at all types of users, and there is only one drawback with the Bolt, and that is it cannot charge laptops unless you have a USB extender. Even then, we have observed that the Bolt fails to charge a regular HP laptop completely. This is a testament to the fact that the Bolt is directed at those who want battery backup for devices like smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. If you want to charge a laptop, try out our other picks that have higher capacities.


If you are looking for medium power storage without the need for any cables, then this is your best bet.

2. EasyAcc 20000 mAh

Salient Features:

  1. 20000 mAh high capacity with 4 A input
  2. Two inputs, four outputs
  3. 2.4 A output each
  4. Warranty of 18 months

The Pros

  • Ability to recharge quickly by using two micro USB inputs
  • Can be used as a charging hub because of 4 output ports

The Cons

  • Outputs less than 70% of the total 20000 mAh rating
  • Battery to get warm during recharging
  • A bit heavy for daily use

EasyAcc was recently in the news for being the most important companion if you are a Pokémon Go player. Moreover, we all know how quickly that addictive game drains your phone’s juice – within minutes. We think it is a clear testament to how reliable EasyAcc’s power banks are.

Its ability to charge using two input ports is what differentiates the EasyAcc 20000 mAh from other similar chargers. Retailed at a slightly higher price than the Jackery Bolt, this one gives you more than triple the power and four outputs. These four output ports are designed in a way that they detect the device they are connected to, and transfers the right amount of current, in a record time of around 35 minutes.

The model is compatible with most devices and can charge an iPhone 7 six times on a single charge. With 18-month warranty, this one is a “monster” as the brand likes to call it, and one of the best choices if you are a frequent traveler. High power storage capacity means you can charge multiple devices without the fear of draining its power.


The EasyAcc 20000 mAh is meant and is best for the user who uses multiple devices and is always on the go. Most users tend to keep it as the charging hub in their homes for the entire four-member family to use.

3. RAVPower 16750 mAh Deluxe

Salient Features:

  1. 16750 mAh battery capacity
  2. Automatic shutdown
  3. iSmart technology
  4. Four status LEDs
  5. Two output ports with 2.4 A maximum
  6. One year warranty

The Pros

  • Can charge two devices at once
  • Has pass-through function
  • Fast charging
  • Complementary tangle-free USB cables

The Cons

  • A bit bulky
  • Takes longer (between 8 to 12 hours) to recharge

Only about half a decade older (founded in 2011), RAVPower focuses only on power supply systems like portable chargers and battery kits. All of its models use the trademark iSmart technology which makes virtually all devices compatible with them. The 16750 mAh model guarantees more than 500 recharge cycles and has automatic shutdown feature which prevents overcharging or short circuit of your phones and other devices.

With 2 USB charging ports and a maximum charging power of 4.5 amperes, the RAVPower 16750 mAh Deluxe is intended for users who are looking for a quick way to charge their drained-out devices without worrying about the charger’s capacity. The LED light system notifies you about the level of power left in the charger so that you can plan ahead.

We found it to be a bit bulky compared to EasyAcc 20000 mAh, and thus, may not be the best choice for travelers. However, it does come with a nice drawstring mesh travel pouch so that you can keep it safe in your backpack.


RAVPower 16750 mAh Deluxe is perfect for the occasional user or working professional who just wants to make sure that his smartphone is charged all the time. One full recharge will be enough to charge an iPhone 7 five times.

4. Anker PowerCore II 20000 mAh

Salient Features:

  1. 20000 mAh high capacity charger
  2. Dual input port with maximum input of 4 amperes
  3. Three output ports
  4. PowerIQ technology

The Pros

  • Better than the Astro series; charges 20% faster
  • High output of 6 amperes (2A each)
  • Three USB slots enables multi-purpose use

The Cons

  • No pass-through function
  • Average design which tends to make it look and feel bulky
  • Does not support USB-C

Anker are ridiculously honest in their marketing, and they know it. They are here to solve first-world problems, and we think they are fairly succeeding at it. Of course, by first-world problems, we mean “low battery warning.”

Founded in 2009 by former Google employees, it is currently one of the leaders in the mobile power industry. Take any list on the web about the best portable chargers, and you will find at least one instance of Anker in it. In our list, we have featured the PowerCore II 20000 mAh, arguably their best model. It takes about 6 hours to full recharge itself, has two input ports, and also can deliver power to a maximum of three devices without compromising on the speed. Designed with Anker’s PowerIQ technology that boasts of fast-charging ports, PowerCore is an upgraded version of its Astro series which Anker claim is Amazon’s all-time best-selling range of portable chargers.

If that has not piqued your interest in Anker’s technology yet, then here are its features, pros, and cons laid out for a better perspective about their capabilities:


The Anker PowerCore II 20000 mAh is perfect for the general user who wants to use a medium-sized charger for a week-long use. Charge it for 6 hours, and you are sorted for the week provided you only charge one smartphone.

5. Jackery Titan S 20100 mAh

Salient Features:

  1. 20100 mAh ultra-high capacity
  2. One micro USB input charger
  3. Three output ports (3A maximum)
  4. 18-month warranty

The Pros

  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • QC 2.0 support
  • Support for USB-C
  • Four status LEDs

The Cons

  • Larger in size, but not heavy

Many people believe that Anker is number one when it comes to stylish designs. We tend to disagree. We believe that Jackery is the leader – their models are sleek, easy to handle, and even great to boast about. Carrying your portable charger around for your travel itineraries and showing off to your friends is going to be a usual practice if you decide to go with Jackery.

The only brand to feature twice on our list, Jackery’s Titan series is directed at the frequent traveler. This model here has a holding capacity of 20100 mAh and comes with Qualcomm-certified Quick Charge 2.0 technology. Compare it with Anker’s PowerCore series, and people who are in love with Apple’s USB-C would want to get this hands down.

With one micro USB input and three outputs with Smart-Fit technology, the Jackery Titan S is a powerful battery that will never fail to impress you. As our in-house reviewer puts it, “The look, the feel, and the efficiency… you get a luxury experience.”


It is one of the best-reviewed portable chargers on Amazon, and we think it deserves all the praise as it hardly has any drawback. Getting a monster capacity of 20100 mAh from a light charger like this is like forgetting the definition of “low battery.”

6. myCharge AmpProng Plus 6000 mAh

Salient Features:

  1. 6000 mAh capacity
  2. Built-in prongs for hassle-free use
  3. Smart-sense technology
  4. Two output USB charging ports

The Pros

  • Direct AC input
  • Once charged, the power can stay for one year
  • Small and lightweight

The Cons

  • Does not come with micro USB cable

myCharge is a Michigan-based company which appeals only to a niche group of portable charger users. The main reason for their low popularity is the high price. But, if cost is not much of an issue for you, then the first model you should go for is the AmpProng Plus. We decided to add myCharge into our list because they know their technology, and we think they are one of the best.

It has a capacity of 6000mAh but is one of the most efficient products on this list. It comes with inbuilt prongs so that you can directly plug it in any AC socket irrespective of the output voltage (220-240 V), thus reducing the involvement of cables. With 2 USB ports and only 8 ounces in weight, this one is the only 6000 mAh charger which gives more than 90% discharge quotient. The biggest difference between the myCharge AmpProng series and other more popular models is that it directly converts AC into DC, thus not requiring you to keep a separate charging cable for this.


The myCharge AMP60K-A, as it is also known, is perfect for the frequent traveler who flies from one country to another where AC voltage ranges vary. The prong mechanism is smart enough to detect the voltage level and charge itself regardless of where you are.

7. Mophie powerstation 6000 mAh

Salient Features:

  1. 6000 mAh efficient power capacity
  2. Triple-tested battery
  3. Two output USB charging ports

The Pros

  • Easy to handle, and lightweight
  • 4-LED status feature
  • Minimalistic design

The Cons

  • Comes with only one USB-to-micro USB cable
  • Does not support USB-C

Owned by Utah-based consumer electronics brand Zagg, Mophie are experts when it comes to batteries and power backup systems. Founded in 2006 with the intention of revolutionizing the mobile power industry, they are known for their powerful marketing tactics and equally powerful portable chargers.

The best example of their technology is the 6000mAh powerstation that delivers a punch at a low capacity. Triple-tested battery ensures that your devices get charged at a faster rate without causing heating or short circuit. It has two output USB charging ports with 2.1 A maximum current. Single-button switch and 4-LED status system are other highlights.

Selected by users for its simple look and design, the mophie powerstation is the simplest portable charger in this list. It is a hassle-free charger that does not ask questions and just gives answers – in the form of pure undissipated juice.


If you are looking for a charger that provides the highest efficiency in low capacity at a reasonable price, then the mophie powerstation is the portable charger you should roll with.

8. Aukey 30000 mAh

Salient Features:

  1. 30000 mAh ultra-high battery capacity (among the highest capacities offered by any brand)
  2. AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology
  3. Quick charge feature

The Pros

  • Ability to charge multiple devices for a whole week
  • Comes with lightning port
  • Qualcomm-supported
  • Cheaper when compared with other models offering same capacity

The Cons

  • Heaviest in this list
  • Cannot be carried in your check-in/carry-on baggage as per FAA guidelines

A brand from the Lion City, Aukey’s main area of focus is portable charging. Their design and efficiency levels are simply out of this world, which will be evident in just a minute.

While other popular brands fear to tread the path of a ultra-high capacity of over 20000 mAh, we have Aukey who took the risk and created the Aukey 30000 mAh. Not only is it so wonderfully priced, but it is also their best-selling product in Singapore and other parts of the world. With a simple design that makes it look like a hard drive, this portable charger comes with Qualcomm’s QC 3.0 technology, lightning port, two outputs and inputs for all types of devices.

The AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology ensures that all your 5V USB-powered devices are charged with the right amount of power simultaneously. It has so much power that you can charge your iPhone 7 smartphone more than ten times and still have some juice left for your Kindle e-reader. (Plan to complete that book now?) Plus, the quick charge feature helps you in emergency situations where the charger increases its recharging capability at the cost of reduction in charge cycles.

Finally, with a 2-year warranty and a strong root of Asian technology, once you treat yourself with the Aukey 30000 mAh, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere without it. We guarantee it.


The Aukey 30000 mAh is a beast in the all the glory of that word. It is perfect for every type of user and is one of the best-valued portable chargers in the world right now. It is better to depend on Aukey’s technology at such a low price than go for other brands who seem to be basing their costing on just design.


There you have it – a list of the best portable chargers in the world right now, selected based on multiple parameters that are essential when it comes to keeping your electronic devices fully charged at all times. We at Best and Latest have used and tested tens of products (and are continuously doing so) to come up with the top products for you to choose from. We believe that everyone in the world should have the chance to benefit from technologies that are being invented almost every day.

Conclusively, we hope this list will help you make a wiser purchase. For any questions, feel free to contact us or let us know in the comments.