10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers of 2018

Top 10 Bluetooth speakers that will make you listen to music on the go!

  • March 03, 2018
 Are you tired of the low-quality sound of your laptop when you are comfortably watching a movie snuggled up on your bed? Or perhaps you wish to listen to your favorite beat on the phone, but the sound isn’t really high enough to set the groove that high?

If you fall into any similar category, you are among the countless other people who are in a definite need of Bluetooth speakers. Oh, those little boxes that make life seem a little better and colors seem a little brighter.

Since there is a minimum level of volume we need to comprehend the sound properly, it becomes hard at times to understand what a particular video is addressing. Hence, Bluetooth speakers are more of a necessity than a comfort.

This is why I have prepared for you a list of top 10 Bluetooth speakers there are in the market. With the tons of products available and an array of features, these choices are the best the market has to offer. We just made life a little easier for you (wink).

What are the deciding factors for this list?

With the numerous choices that you have, choosing the best one can be tricky. However, the difference in the specifications of each product can make the process easier. You only need to know what you require.

Price is the major factor for these products. As the price of these products can range from few tens of a dollar to some major hundreds, you need to be certain of your budget. Decide how much are you willing to spend on your Bluetooth speakers?

The second important factor that comes into consideration is the sound output of the product. As you have narrowed your products according to price range, it should be checked if the sound matches what you think should come in that range.

Features are something to consider as well. Since each product comes with its own unique selling points, that is something I wouldn’t ignore if I were you.

The product dimensions matter as well. Some people prefer sleek products which they can use while traveling. Others are more of a fan of the sturdy desktop ones.

Parameters What does it mean?
Price The cost of the product
Weight Does it fit in your bag or suits on the table?
Sound level Is the sound loud enough to fulfill the purpose of the product?
Build Does the product have a good finish and material quality?
Dimensions What is the actual size of the product?
Features Is there anything special about it?
Battery What kind of power the product uses, and how much?


Device Name Weight


Dimensions (inch) Power source Connectivity
Bose SoundLink Mini II 1.47 2.3 x 7.1 x 2 AC and battery Wireless, USB
Beats Pill+ 1.3 12.4x22x8.2 Corded (110 V) Wireless
JBL Pulse 2 1 3.94×8.27×6.69 Battery (rechargeable) Wireless
UE Boom 2 1.2 2.5×2.5×7 Battery (rechargeable) Wireless and Wired
B&O Play A1 1.3 1.9 x 5.2 x5.2 Battery (rechargeable) Wireless and wired
UE Roll 2 0.73 1.6×5.3×5.3 Battery (rechargeable) Wireless, USB, micro USB
Amazon Echo 2.34 9.3×3.3×3.3 Power Cord Wireless
JBL Clip2 0.4 1.65×3.7×5.55 Battery (rechargeable) Wired and wireless
JBL Flip3 1 7.5×4.5×3.9 Battery (rechargeable) Wireless
JBL Charge3 1.8 3.43 x 9.09 x 3.48 Battery (rechargeable) Wireless and wired


1. Bose Sound Link Mini II

The Pros

  • Compact
  • Long battery life
  • Range of Bluetooth fairly good
  • Hardware keys

The Cons

  • Heavyweight

Boasting the legendary brand name of Bose in the audio industry, my first entry in the list is Bose Sound Link Mini 2. When it is Bose, impressive auditory levels are guaranteed.

The first thing we would talk about is the battery on this product. It can support up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge. That is around 40% more charge from its predecessor, the Soundlink Mini 1. Therefore, I would say kudos to Bose on the battery.

There are five hardware buttons on the speakers. The first button is for powering the device on or off. The second and the fourth button are for controlling the volume levels of the speakers. The last button is the Bluetooth option. And the middle button can enable you to use the speakers as a speakerphone for taking calls. The volume buttons can also be used for changing the songs as well.

Its speakerphone ability is another major unique selling point and modification over its predecessor.

There is also a voice prompt feature where a voice guides you each time you switch on the product. Can be annoying or helpful based upon the personal preference of a person. Even if you find it annoying, it is okay to let it slide neglecting it for the pros this thing has.

The speaker can connect to two devices at the same time. This is another major USP for the product. You can simply switch between devices with the click of a button.

Coming to the audio quality, the bass on this thing is superb. The natural sound on the speaker is naturally clean. The noise levels are good as well as compared to the size of the product.

The verdict:

The speakers are excellent for smaller rooms as their sound levels might not match those of a large speaker. The features coupled with the size are worth their value.


2. Beats Pill+

The Pros

  • Speakerphone capability
  • Good sound levels
  • Longer battery life per single charge
  • Nice design

The Cons

  • Bigger size
  • Costly

Second up in the entry of top 10 Bluetooth speakers is the Beats Pill+. At first glance, its long length can seem like a very big commitment for someone who is just looking for a simple portable speaker set.

The speaker has quite a nice sound and the volume levels are pretty good. The speaker phone capability like the last product is a unique selling point of this one as well.

There are two hardware buttons for adjusting the volume on the speaker’s hardware. Further, the speaker box supports wireless pairing method for devices that are NFC-enabled, as you can simply use the Tap to pair to connect them to these speakers. You also get a carry case when you buy the product. Also, the pill has input and output ports as well. The output ports on these kinds of speakers are something new to the table. These can be used to connect additional amps to the device.

However, the price tag of $200 seems a bit much for this kind of speaker.

The verdict:

Though the speakers are equipped with proper sound levels, and the NFC compatibility and speakerphone feature is something intriguing, the price tag on these is a bit much for the features.


3. JBL Pulse 2

The Pros

  • Cool light show
  • Splashproof
  • Compact
  • Decent Battery
  • Speakerphone
  • Decent Battery

The Cons

  • Lights can be unappealing to some people
  • The light show do not react to the music
  • No case for portability

When I first looked at JBL Pulse 2 Amazon picture, what caught my eye was the flashy display of an array of colors. I thought these were for design purposes. However, after reading about the product and using it myself, I realized there is so much more to it.

The Pulse 2 features brilliant light shows that provide visual stimulation in addition to the auditory one. The light shows are available in a variety of patterns and are controlled by an application in your smartphone. Not only that, there is a prism sensor integrated with the product as well. This changes the lights of the speaker to the color of objects that are in its proximity range. Just something to toy around.

The speakers are splashproof, which is a huge unique selling point for them. Helps you to dance to your favorite music in a little bit of drizzling rain. (The speakers are NOT waterproof, only splashproof. You should ascertain you know the difference between the two).

Coming on to the central aspect, that is sound, JBL never disappoints in the acoustics department. The sound is pretty decent on these. You can even connect two of them together and sync your music through both of them out loud. Also, the speakerphone functionality is present in this model.

I would have loved a carry case as well. The light shows which can be annoying when you aren’t really in the mood. Also, the light shows can be chosen from presets only and do not react to sound.

But for the price and the features, that part can quite be neglected.

The verdict:

JBL Pulse 2 is a nice set for someone who has a flashy lifestyle. The light shows are not for everyone, and if you find them appealing, you should get one of these. Great sound quality and feature packed!


4. UE Boom 2

The Pros

  • Loud Sound
  • Compact Size
  • Long battery (around 14 to 16 hours)
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof

The Cons

  • Sound Quality inferior as compared to the Bose speakers

After using its predecessor for a long time, I had high hopes for UE Boom 2. And frankly speaking, it did justice to all those expectations.

UE Boom 2 is like putting Christmas in a single box. Its predecessor was already so good with music that the Boom 2 even takes it up a notch.
For starters, the Boom 2 has tweaked in little changes in the predecessor to make it just plain awesome. The speakers are totally waterproof. And not only that, they are now shockproof as well. What better way to launch a new version eh?

The sound quality is off the charts like the original boom. All the users love it, I love it, and if you buy it, you would love it. Also, there is this super cool feature where you can gently tap on top of the speakers (with two fingers) to play or pause a song. If you tap it twice, it skips the song and moves over to the next.

The speakers have a lithium ion battery which can give 15 hours on a single charge.

Now its sound quality might be a bit inferior as compared to the likes of Bose, but if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of music and stuff, you wouldn’t even notice it.

The verdict:

Boom are great speakers in their price range. If you are clumsy and often break or spoil things, the shockproof and waterproof features might come in handy for you! The loud sound is an added motive for some people.


5. B&O Play A1

The Pros

  • Compact
  • Cool design
  • Long battery on single charge
  • Splash resistant
  • Sturdy
  • Speakerphone

The Cons

  • Very costly
  • Overheating

Not often can a Bluetooth portable speaker be described as cute. However, B&O Play A1 could easily break that opinion.

This is a little compact speaker with a minimalistic circular design. The speakers come with a strap made of leather. These allow you to carry the speaker with you or to hang it on the spot.

Once you get over the cool looks of the product, you might be shocked by the price tag on this little beauty. The speakers are priced at $250 (at the time of this review) making it a pricey sell.

The speaker indeed has put an effort in the making. With acoustics best in the mini speaker segment, it has an excellent sound quality that can even rival that of Bose. For such a small size, the speakers can play thunderous music. It can work as a speakerphone as well.

The battery power on this thing is quite impressive too. It can last a whole day on the continuous play of music. The battery is best that is available in any speaker.

However yet, the price range can send a gulp among the precious ones in you as well. But if you have the bucks for it, it could be a classy addition to your accessories, and you could carry it around anywhere.

The verdict:

B&O Play A1 are great mini speakers, in fact, could be considered one of the best. However, the price tag of the speakers is quite high. If you have the bucks for it and want something sleek, go for it.


6. UE Roll 2

The Pros

  • Very Cheap
  • Compact
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight

The Cons

  • Bluetooth connectivity errors can rise at times
  • Delicate product

The UE roll 2 is another sleek entry from UE. The speakers are compact and little and are shaped similar to the B&O Play A1.

Like the B&O Play A1, these come with a strap to hang them as well. The sound quality is cool, and music is loud enough for their size. With the strap, you can carry them around or hang them at one place and let the sound fill the room.

Further, the speakers are waterproof (up to a certain limit). Therefore, you can take them outside and even enjoy your favorite tunes on the beach. However, you should note that the waterproof nature of the product is limited, and I wouldn’t let it float if I were you.

With that said, the connectivity of the speakers can give some hiccups sometimes. But all in all, these are quite compact and portable, so that can be tolerated.

While it offers all the same things as the B&O Play A1, the price of these is around one-third to those. Available now at Amazon for $87, this is a decent buy if you want something that you can carry around easily.

The Verdict:

UE Roll 2 is an impressive bunch designed for people who love to listen to music in open spaces. They are waterproof, so moisture doesn’t hurt them. Also, the portability, compactness and the sleek design come at a low price.


7. Amazon Echo

The Pros

  • Wifi connectivity
  • Voice search using Alexa
  • Digital voice assistance
  • Control smart home devices
  • Value for money

The Cons

  • Voice assistance lacks audio playback control
  • It can be annoying at times if the assistant doesn’t catch your phrases
  • Sound quality lacking as compared to Bose or other speaker competitors
  • Not rechargeable
  • Heavy

If you have read the specs, you might have noticed the sheer weight of this thing. However, when you read about the features that it has, the weight might begin to look understandable.

Amazon Echo is powered with the Amazon assistant called Alexa. It is a digital assistant similar to Siri and Cortana, but lets you do so much more. With these speakers, you can control all the automated devices of your house. Not only that, but the speakers come with voice search as well. You can play audio books as well as online podcasts with simple voice commands. These stay connected to your WiFi and give you the power of the internet.

Although all these features do take away the importance given to sound quality. It is not bad; however, isn’t comparable to the acoustics of Bose or other reputed brands.

The verdict:

Amazon Echo is a cool product for tech geeks who like to use the latest revolution in technology. It is loaded with features and can do A LOT for you. However, if you are a music lover just looking to play your beat, these might not be what you are after.


8. JBL Clip 2

The Pros

  • Waterproof
  • Compact
  • Speakerphone capable
  • You can pair two of these together
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight

The Cons

  • A hook instead of a strap

Again having the same design as the B&O Play A1, the JBL Clip 2 comes for an amazingly low price and without a dip in the sound quality.

To start with, JBL Clip 2 is a waterproof speaker (as you would expect from an outdoor all weather product). It is a compact and lightweight product.

Though the B&O Play A1 comes with a strap, the JBL Clip 2 comes with a carabineer type hook. A strap offers more flexibility than a carabineer so that I would deduct a point here. However, you can hook the carabineer even in the loop of the belt. Now that is called sound on the go! If you have two of these, you can pair them together, and the sound syncs through these. The hardware keys are functional as well, with playback control as well as a button for picking up the call.

It can play your favorite tracks for around six hours, which I would say is a decent battery time. The sound quality is good as per its size.

The verdict:

 JBL Clip 2 is a decent buy for someone looking for an affordable and compact speaker set. It might not offer you the boom if that is what you require. However, it is a cool product if you like to listen to music out loud on the go or at a quiet day at the beach.


9. JBL Flip 3

The Pros

  • Splash proof
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good bass
  • Cheap

The Cons

  • The sound can seem a bit distorted at higher volume.
  • No carry case
  • When the speaker is upright, one of the bass port gets obstructed

With around ten hours of battery back that the Flip 3 provides, you have a lot of music to listen to.

The speaker is available in around eight colors, so you have a lot of decision making to do. The cylindrical design is very sturdy and durable. And you can either keep it flat or raised up in a vertical position. Though the issue is that in the raised up position, you might block one of the bass output. So keep that in mind.

The speaker has speakerphone compatibility as well. One hardware button lets you toggle between play, pause, and answer calls. The sound quality is quite good, as expected from JBL.

The verdict:

The speakers are a good buy for the music lovers, as the sound quality and loudness is a great plus point about them. However, if you are looking for something feature loaded, this isn’t for you.


10. JBL Charge 3

The Pros

  • Cool design
  • Waterproof
  • Decent battery life
  • Acts as a phone charger
  • Speakerphone capable

The Cons

  • Sound gets torn up at high volumes
  • Bigger size if you are looking for something compact

JBL sweeps up four entries from our list of 10. Pretty good, JBL.

With the Charge 3, JBL has added a cool feature with which you can connect your portable device to your speaker, and your speaker would charge them. This is a cool feature I would say, as your speaker could power up the phone and your phone could keep the music going.

The design is the standard cylindrical one, and this speaker could be called the sibling of Charge 3. The playback control keys are provided on the speaker set. You can also connect multiple Charge 3 together and get a cool home theater system like feel.

Coming on to the size, these speakers are larger and heavier than other portable speakers. Now if that is a pro or con for you, is for you to decide. The build materials and build quality are quite good. Therefore these are a sturdy unit something that is a plus point in portable speakers.

The speakers give good acoustics for their size. However, at very loud volume, the sound quality begins to decrease. So if you like to deaf your ears out with the volume, these might not be for you.

The verdict:

Charge 3 is a good buy for music lovers. Not a lot of loaded features, but the ability to charge your phone is a huge plus point I would say. Cool for music lovers, but if you are looking for something compact, it is not for you.

My Final Word

There goes our list of the top ten Bluetooth speakers. With that said which one you choose is for you to decide based on the budget, preferences, etc. If you want our advice, here it is.
Bose sound link II are a decent buy for someone looking for a good portable experience with nice sound quality. It has the brand name of Bose attached to it; therefore, you get the best acoustics.
If you want something feature loaded, try out the Amazon Echo. It will indeed blow your mind what this simple box can do.
And if you are tight on budget, The JBL Clip 2 is a decent buy. It can tag onto you or the strap of your bag. You can take your music wherever you go.
Tell us what you think about our list. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.