10 Best FM Transmitters in the Market of 2018

If you are looking for the ideal FM transmitter, look no more because we are bringing you the best from the rest!

  • March 07, 2018

FM transmitters are exceptionally valuable gadgets that will function seamlessly with a Smartphone or an MP3 player. Transmitters are also beneficial for playing audio, however, it is not just music that FM transmitters will help to play. FM transmitters can also be of benefit to anyone who is looking for navigation because they have the GPS function. This is an added advantage of buying an FM transmitter. Anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they are without a GPS and would like to navigate from one place to another will be thankful for having an FM transmitter. These devices are ideal for listening to the spoken direction. The FM transmitter gets connected to a Smartphone and the car. The next step would be to find the right frequency and then listen to directions using the GPS app on the Smartphone. While am a music enthusiast, the GPS is another reason why I would be looking for a good FM transmitter. Here is a list of the 10 of the best FM Transmitters available in the market today.

What Goes Into the 10 Best FM Transmitters?

Before we look at the 10 Best FM transmitters, let us look at what goes into the making of an FM transmitter. An FM Transmitter is a hugely practical and modestly priced alternative for transmitting music to a car stereo from the external mechanism. Getting it to function is not as simple as it appears to be and the gadget requires advanced settings to work befittingly. It is essential to look at the supported transmission range to receive good sound quality inside a car. The range must also be sufficient for transmission to take place anywhere within the vehicle. The transmitter must also provide an entire range of frequencies from 88.1 to 107.9 megahertz because this makes it possible to get a clear signal. Also of importance is the quality of the sound and reception that is received. Not many manufacturers produce transmitters with Bluetooth technology despite the fact that this technology is the best with regards to sound quality.

A good FM transmitter will save frequencies, and when you travel to other places, you need not reset the transmitter. The right FM transmitter models also have an integrated noise filter that spontaneously detects and reduces disturbance noise. You should also look for an FM transmitter that has an equalizer facility. The FM transmitter will enhance the quality of sound you receive because you can adjust the sound to your liking without necessarily changing the settings of your radio or MP3. The transmitter should also have MP3 functionality, and enough ports to allow you to connect to any device. The transmitter should also have a 12v power connection so that it can charge the battery of the car. The 19 car FM transmitters listed below are simple and yet very impressive and will stream music very well. They are also reliable and durable and are not complicated, making installation a breeze.


1. Jetech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit

The Pros

  • Very clear connection
  • Charging port
  • Numerous stations to choose from
  • Simple usability
  • Affordability
  • Dependability
  • Quality and uninterrupted listening

The Cons

  • The gadget does not support USB or SD
  • Does not contain volume control
  • The gadget is not appealing because it is only available in two colors

The JETech Auto-scan FM transmitter device comes in a simple yet attractive design. The new version has enhancements in performance compared to the older models. It also contains as Auto-scan that helps in locating empty stations to connect to a device and transmit audio. The gadget is available in one piece. The box includes the power adapter and the FM Transmitter, all attached to the 3.5 mm AUX cable jack. This is the only medium for streaming audio files as contrasted to Avantek or Soundfly, which can both use an SD card or a USB flash. The gadget is quite modest in size, and you can hook it up to your Smartphone or MP3 player on one end using the 3.5mm audio jack, and your car charger’s channel.

The LED display is large, and this makes it easy read or tune. The transmitter does not have a USB flash drive or SD card but makes up for its inadequacies with a charging channel that’s similar to the Mpow Streambot Y Bluetooth. The channel allows you charge your devices while the transmitter is in use and is an excellent facility that has adequate output amp for the charging any gadget. I charged my Apple iPad mini, and it went up about 18% in less than 20 minutes. The device’s major drawback is its volume because it appears to be deficient making it difficult to modify volume control, although, in comparison to others that I have used, it is still much better.

The 3.5mm headphone jack is quite a stable connection when attached to your phone. However, if your phone has a case, you might find the jack to be a little chunky, and it is unlikely to fit due to a very tight opening. Otter boxes and waterproof cases pose a challenge in this regard. Notwithstanding, if you are considering buying a simple but decent and dependable FM transmitter, the JETech FM transmitter is a perfect fit.


2. Sound Fly SD

 The Pros

  • Very Durable
  • Has quite a strong signal
  • Ease of usability
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Has a USB and SD card slots

 The Cons

  • Instead of the standard 3.5mm AUX input, it contains a 2.5mm
  • Since its remote uses Infrared, you must be on the same line of sight
 The Soundfly SD WMA/MP3 Player was designed with two menu buttons, just like the previous design on the Soundfly AUX. You have the option of playing music using the SD card or the USB flash drive with the left button or using the right button to go through songs or rearrange the music. There is a button used for play and pause right at the center, and next to that is the next, forward and previous rewind buttons. The device has a remote control that makes the task of navigation and changing of FM frequencies very easy. To use the remote well, you must stay parallel to the FM transmitter because the gadget uses IR technology.

This car MP3 FM transmitter contains a memory SD slot and a USB port and can take in 32 GB in storage. It includes a 2.5mm auxiliary audio input and output slots. I would have preferred that it gets designed with the 3.5mm for people like me who might want to use an iXCC 3.5mm auxiliary cable. The advantage of the remote control is that it is easier to use as compared to the buttons included in the assembly. The gadget is quite straightforward but very high in efficiency although for you to change tracks; you need to be in very close range to the FM transmitter, and this might pose a challenge for some.


3. Avantek Transmitter

The Pros

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Contains USB and SD Card Slot

The Cons

  • This device does not support RDS
The Avantek FM transmitter is quite portable because it is lightweight. Nonetheless, it has been constructed well with a simple but stylish and contemporary design. Avantek contains four reception buttons. The size of the buttons is excellent with a play and pause button that is spherical. There is also the previous track and volume button that’s a two in one and the next track and volume up button, also two all in one, with a frequency regulation button in the middle.

You will find that the buttons move with complete ease and if you want to turn the volume up or down, you must press and hold for you to get a setting of your liking. While the Avantek volume can only get to a maximum of 16 as compared to other transmitters that get up to 30 or 40, it does produce a sound that is crystal clear and is quite impressive.

The gadget has an SD slot and has a storage capacity of 32GB. 16GB is enough storage if you are looking for optimal performance. When you use up more memory than 16GB, the device might take a little too much time processing audio files. The gadget is powered using a 12/24 v vehicle DC channel that anyone can install without much difficulty.

This is an FM transmitter that is simple and integrates usability, excellence, and cost efficient. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful choice that I would personally ponder.


4. IClever Himbox HB01

The Pros

  • Easy to setup and easy to use
  • Has noise cancellation technology
  • Has a built-in microphone and uses Bluetooth
  • Great quality audio calls
  • Has two USB charging ports and magnetic base

The Cons

  • Inconvenient setup concerns depending on specific car setups
  • Quite an amount of cord involved meaning that the setup could be cumbersome
  • Low volume on hands-free call

The construction of IClever Himbox HB01 is principally glossy plastic. It has an excellent design that is not of lower quality and is circular in shape and contains a magnetic that is used to mount on cars using foam tape. Once you find an appropriate spot for it, you can peel off the part that contains adhesive and then put it on the spot. The transmitter also comprises a clip mounting plate that you can use if you want to secure it to something.

The HIMBOX logo is encircled by a LED light indicator ring that works as an all-purpose button. This button can play, pause, answer, or hang up incoming calls. When double clicked, it will dial the last call made or received. I must mention that this device can only be linked to the car radio system using the auxiliary cable and not through FM transmission. Without the auxiliary port in your car radio system, the gadget will not function. For power, the connection takes place through the cigarette channel or a USB charging port can be used if there is one available in the car.

The appliance is a hand free car kit and has an auto connect facility that will connect spontaneously to the last paired device. What this means is that you do not have to repeatedly plug it every time you want to use it in your car. This device has an impressive call quality because it has noise cancellation technology. As long as there is an auxiliary port in your car’s radio system, this is a very reliable piece of technology. Once you use the Bluetooth to pair it with any instrument, the iClever Himbox HB01 device can be utilized for some functions and is very dependable.


5. GOgroove FlexSMART X2

The Pros

  • Ease of usability
  • Great quality in the sound stream
  • Uses Bluetooth

The Cons

  • Does not contain an SC card slot
  • Unable to support two Bluetooth devices at a go

The GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth FM Transmitter is quite ideal if you want to get Bluetooth audio to your phone, iPad or Android devices. It has a wonderful and one of a kind design and an irresistible look in platinum white. I want to highlight one blemish with the instrument. It is kind of bulky and will occupy quite an amount of space which can be quite a challenge depending on the location of your power source. It might come in the way of the shifter if it is very close to the charger channel despite the fact that the device has a goose neck that is easily adjustable. Compared to most devices in its market range, I still find the GOgroove FlexSMART X2 preferable.

GOgroove FlexSMART X2 is an ideal MP3/FM transmitter for the synchronization of music using the Bluetooth technology. This device is one of the best FM transmitters for cars not only because it is elementary and perceptive in design. It also has a scalability feature to it and has buttons that are very receptive. It also contains an on and off button, and Bluetooth. There is a 3.5 mm auxiliary input that is used to harmonize music through your Smartphone, and two inbuilt microphones that convey superior quality audio calls. With a USB charging port, this device allows the paired phone to remain charged.

It has great cutting edge buttons for the pause/play functions and for changing tracks and volume and a quick scan button for setting FM frequency. To get your FM frequency, you must hold and press the button on the plus or minus sign repeatedly. You could also let go and use the quick scan feature to find a station nearby. The device will also automatically display a list of Bluetooth appliances when you want to pair it up with phones. This FM transmitter works very rapidly and in harmony with phones thus picking up the music from where it left. Once connected to your phone, you will get a mandatory beep from the device. It also has a hands free calling feature and has superlative sound.

While this device looks bulky, this should not be a factor when you want to purchase it. It is a fantastic FM transmitter and something that you should try out.


6. Nulaxy Wireless FM Transmitter

The Pros

  • Excellent LED display
  • Rapid and easy pairing
  • Bluetooth and microphone
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • USB charge port, SD card with 32GB storage

 The Cons

  • Sometimes the long press button of the voice instructor does not work

The gadget is one of the best selling FM transmitters in the market today. It has a massive display that is quite noticeable making it easy to see whether it is paired or not and see the frequencies and volume levels. You will also easily see the titles of the track, and the caller ID for incoming or outgoing calls. There are two buttons with one used for changing FM channels, and right beneath that are another two buttons used for skipping fast forwarding and rewinding. The second button has several functions and can play/pause the music, and increase or decrease volume. The 3.5 auxiliary cable input is on the right, and there is an SD card with 32GBs of memory. Its adjustable neck makes manipulation easy, and a USB port is available to help pair the devices.

The device has grand reception and the fact that it is almost static free sets it apart from other FM transmitters. The one niggling problem with the FM transmitter is the fact that after a few weeks of use, it kept on saying Bluetooth connected. Many details also changed into Chinese and attempts to convert it back to English were futile. Nulaxy pairs with the last device spontaneously and has incredible audio calls that have very distinctive and superb quality.

Nulaxy Wireless FM Transmitter has crystal clear and exceptional sound when tested with most music apps such as Apple Music and works well with navigation apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps. If you solve the problem of Chinese instructions, there is no doubt that this is an FM transmitter that is excellent for people that have cars without auxiliary ports. It is also a fantastic FM transmitter for the latest car stereos, and its price is quite fair. There is nothing on the manual instructions about changing language settings and not everyone will experience the problem of the device changing into Chinese. I contacted the sellers and they agreed to send me a replacement product which worked fine. If you are unable to solve the problem of the Chinese instructions, get in touch with the sellers and they will solve your problem. They have great customer service.


7. Mpow Streambot Y FM Transmitter

The Pros

  • LED display with a wonderful LED design
  • Bluetooth and microphone
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • USB charging port

The Cons

  • Does not contain the 3.5 auxiliary input
  • Does not have automatic tuning
If you fancy a transmitter that is wireless, you should go for the Mpow Streambot Y FM Transmitter, a fantastic option for a car that doesn’t have an auxiliary port. The transmitter has a 12V power adapter that contains a USB port so that the paired phone can remain charged. It is set up using a magnet and has a gooseneck that is extensible, making its mounting easy. You will find the controls on the logo which is atop the transmitter. The play and pause buttons are also located here. Another ring at the top is for volume control, and the transmitter has a LED display that shows frequency right next to the volume button. For changing tracks, there is another distinct button and another for changing frequency.

The Mpow SFM Transmitter is one of the easiest to pair with phones and can connect more than one phone. I tried using two different phones, and the connection worked quite well. If you are music enthusiast like me and want to stream music, this is one of the easiest to use transmitters available in the market. All you need to do is plug it in. Once you plug t, pair your phone and turn the knob and an FM station will turn on. This transmitter has no hidden features because all you need is right there on its interface. The FM transmitter’s construction is very compact, and in the parts where plastic has is used, it does not feel cheap or shabby at all. The knobs and the buttons get constructed using pure metal.

I was very pleased with the Streambot Y FM transmission because it was very dependable. On clear stations, the audio quality is excellent. However, I was surprised that the transmitter did not have a 3.5mm auxiliary input option. If you are going to be pairing your phone through Bluetooth, the lack of an extra option is not a big deal. The transmitter also has to use manual searches to find an open station through the car’s stereo. FM transmitters with the automatic turning option will help the driver find radio stations at the touch of a button. In large metro areas, not having an automatic turning option is a huge disadvantage the Streambot’s transmitter. The Steambot’s transmitter is still one of the best FM transmitters I have come across.


8. iClever IC-F53 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The Pros

  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Contains no wires
  • Built in microphone
  • Remote control
  • Quite robust and durable design
  • Contains Micro SD slot card and Bluetooth

The Cons

  • Does not have a USB port for charging paired phones
  • Display poses a challenge in reading under bright lighting
For people with older models of cars without auxiliary inputs and no Bluetooth facilities, you will be looking for a transmitter that offers you solutions. The iClever IC-F53 Bluetooth FM Transmitter provides you with a solution that will enable you to stream and receive calls hands-free. It is an FM transmitter that is uncomplicated and very dependable.

The device is black in color, very compact, and uncomplicated. Its circular LED display shows the station from which is it transmitting right on top of the gadget. This circular display is also a dial control that is used to take and end incoming calls hands-free. You need not worry about traffic tickets, and you can fully concentrate on your driving. Available with the device is a small microphone that is a pinhole in size for use during hands-free calls. A multifunctional grip that encircles the display is designed to change FM frequencies, and when turned clockwise will take you to the next song. When turned counterclockwise, it will bring you back. Around the head of the transmitter is a rubber circle which when removed, will display the microSD card socket.

Setting up this transmitter is not complicated. The instructions are relatively straightforward, and anyone can follow them. With a full remote control facility, it is not too difficult to switch from one song to another. You can also opt to play a particular track by number and perform other functions such as play and pause, or browse through the folders or the equalizer mode. When you need a specific sound content, you use the left and right bands to enhance or reduce particular frequency ranges through sequence of vertical faders. The equalizer is used to modify the frequencies.

When you plug the device, it will flicker signifying it is not paired. All you need to do is go to your phone and check the settings of the Bluetooth, and you will see a display of the IC-F53. When the connection becomes active, the flickering on the transmitter will top. The device has very impressive volume and clarity on its microphone. The quality of music is excellent as well.

For people that prefer wireless, the iClever IC-F53 Bluetooth FM transmitter is ideal because it is not complicated and is wireless. The transmitter is a device that you can use to update your car’s audio system.


9. SAVFY Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The Pros

  • Excellent quality on its build and design
  • Ease of use
  • Excellent sound quality
  • The micro SD card provides it with versatility

The Cons

  • Contains USB charging port
  • It is a bulky device that might get in the way in your car
If you want to get all your MP3 or streaming content exploding through your car speakers, the SAVFY wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter could be your answer. The transmitter is also a car kit and has an inbuilt microphone, meaning that you can use it to send and receive calls the dial that controls the frequency is uncomplicated, and the display lets you know what is going on. You can see which call in coming in, names of songs that are playing, or voltage input on the screen. You also have very simple buttons that you can use for alternating input, shift FM channels, and tracks.

The transmitter connects to any device through the Bluetooth without any complications. It also has the 3.5mm port, and you can use a microSD card to play tunes. With the availability of the two 2.1 USB ports, you can charge your phone or any other device. The device is a three in one gadget that is a car hands-free kit, an FM transmitter, and a Bluetooth. It has been designed well and has a fantastic central control knob done excellently. It is meticulous and has excellent clarity on the FM transmission. I love the fact that it can play tunes superbly from my phone and I get very clear audio that is sufficiently loud. It also has a control system that is uncomplicated and quite easily comprehensible. When I get to my car, the device spontaneously connects. The transmitter costs about the same as most in the market, if not lesser and yet it is quite clear with ease of usability.


10. TeckNet F36 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The Pros

  • The neat design is available in black and blue
  • The transmitter is versatile with numerous and quite easy to use
  • You need not worry about clutter because it has no cables
  • It is affordable

The Cons

  • In bright lighting, the display is not easy to read
  • To switch it off, you have to disengage it from the socket
The TeckNet F36 Bluetooth FN transmitter is a sleek and nifty device that is connected to your vehicle through the cigarette lighter. With this transmitter, you can listen to music or just about anything on your speakers using a Bluetooth. The transmitter uses wireless technology Bluetooth, and there is no need to worry about anything diverting your attention from the road. You can charge your phone while driving because the transmitter has a USB port.

The first time you plug the device in, it will flash to indicate that it is in pairing mode. Select the device on your phone and the two gadgets will pair after which the transmitter will be locating and pairing with your phone spontaneously anytime it is plugged in. For streaming, you must choose an FM frequency on the transmitter. Once you do that, you can tune the radio in your car to that frequency. Whatever music you play on a phone will then reverberate on your vehicle speakers. There will be no distortion, but if there is interference, you will have to make adjustments. Setting up the transmitter is a relatively straightforward process. It uses a two button function and has a LED display that is quite ample. The device has another USB port for charging other gadgets as you drive.

The transmitter is a very affordable device that can positively impact on your driving experience. It has an ergonomic design and produces sound with top quality. It does a fantastic job of transmitting audio signal.


There are many car stereos in the market that neither have the input for auxiliary cable nor support Bluetooth. Owners of these vehicles are missing out many especially listening to their favorite playlists on their vehicle’s stereo speakers. The simplest and the best way to find a solution to this predicament would be to use an FM transmitter. Out of the above FM transmitters, The JETech Wireless FM Transmitter stands out. It has all the standard FM transmitter features, but besides, it also comes with an extra USB port to charge more than one cell phone at a go. It also has a GPS and offers you other digital benefits. All the above FM transmitters are great, but the Nulaxy and the GoGroove both stand out. Given a choice between the Nulaxy and the GoGroove, I would go with the Nulaxy because it can play music through a Micro SD card. The GoGroove has a stronger build but both can provide great performance and can be depended upon when taken good care of.

The advantage with FM transmitters is that they are mostly compatible with an FM radio, iOS compatible, affordable, and come with many value-added features. There are quite many units to choose from with divergent physical arrangements and designs, and in the end, it is a question of personal choice. What matters is that you choose an FM transmitter that is suitable for your requirements. If you need more USB transmitters, JETech will be suitable for you. If you need to make use of the Micro SD card, then you should go with the Nulaxy or the SAVFY wireless. If you need an FM transmitter with a large LED display, the TeckNet would be a good choice. With this in mind, the above 10 best FM transmitters should be a good place to start.